We believe that our work as Venus Shoe depends on our employees who we regard as our most valuable asset. We constantly improve and renew our human resources processes and systems to employ the most talented employees and create a positive work environment.

The main aim of our human resources; to provide our company with the right ability to share our values, to support the training of employees who are specialized in their field of activity, exemplified by their level of knowledge and experience.

In case of need for personnel, the Human Resources Department determines the features required by the job and starts the job procurement process via internet and / or newspaper advertisements. By evaluating general applications, candidates are assessed through interviews involving human resources, managers and the general manager. Successful candidates are placed in appropriate positions. Every interviewed person is always informed of the interview result.

Having the following features along with the competencies required by the positions are also expected from the candidates.

For internship programs, students who may be potential employees in the future have the opportunity to guide them to workplace choices by giving them the opportunity to recognize the business environment and the company culture.

You can send your resume by e-mail to for a job application.